The watchmaking workshop

A team of watchmakers at your disposal.

As the watchmaking sector continues to grow year after year, we need to equip and prepare ourselves accordingly. Since mid 2021, our premises located at 26 rue du Curé, 1368 Luxembourg will be equipped with a watchmaking workshop, in addition to our watchmakers located in France.

With several years of experience, our watchmakers will be able to help you in all your repairs, authentications, interventions, realization of expertise file that you can transmit to your insurance companies.

Moreover, the presence of the watchmaker in the shop will allow us to open the watch when it is presented to us in order to ensure its authenticity, and to make an offer according to the watch and its condition.

What are the advantages of going directly to an independent watchmaker?


  • Non-directed advice. Based on the knowledge and appreciation not only of the watchmaker, but of the whole team (commercial, technical) who will guide you in the best way to preserve the condition of your watch according to your own preferences.
  • Prices much more attractive than in the factory, while working with the same parts.
  • This was done much more quickly than in the factory.

Our services

Maintenance of your watches (Quartz, Mechanical, Automatic) : After visiting the shop, we can make a detailed estimate to restore your watch.

Polishing : The polishing process having evolved a lot in recent years, polishing allows to remove all traces of wear and make your watch regain its former shine.

Lapidary : For the most “special” pieces, polishing can be done with a lapidary in order to have an optimal result.

Watch expertise: If you wish to make a file for your own culture, we can make an expertise file in order to make an account of your watch, its condition, its particularities.

Insurance certificate : In the same way as a watch expertise, the insurance certificate allows you to be able to present a complete document to your insurance at its fair value. We advise you to update this document every year.

Watch authentication: In case of doubt about your watch, you can present it to us in order to perform an authentication. It will be opened, analysed and we will give you a feedback on the veracity of your watch.

Parisian watchmaking workshop: Atelier 123

123 Rue de Rome, 75017 Paris


We continue after many years together to offer the same services in Paris. We can offer our Parisian and French customers to drop off their watches in order to have the warranties involved and if you wish to service your watches.

Selling a watch

Moreover, for any Parisian customer wishing to sell his watch, it is possible for you to contact us and deposit it in their workshop (contact us for the modalities). We proceed to the payment after inspection of the watch by our watchmakers.

Buying a watch

Likewise, in case of acquisition, we can drop off your future acquisition directly at the workshop.


If you live near the 123 workshop, the guarantees will be taken care of directly at the Paris workshop. You will therefore have a direct and local contact for all your interventions.

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