Do you want to sell or exchange your watch?

Do not hesitate to contact us to propose your watch. We will reply as soon as possible to submit our interest.

Each watch being special, unique, with its own details, please note that we cannot quantify, nor even approximately, the value of your timepiece without a physical presentation in our boutique, or in one of our watchmaking workshops (Luxembourg or French).

The presentation of your watch in a boutique allows us to ensure its authenticity, to be able to quantify exactly every detail in order to give the most accurate price, as well as to spend a convivial moment!

If it is impossible for you to join us in the boutique, we can arrange a collection in Luxembourg and its borders, or you can send us your watch in the boutique.

Watchour 26 rue du Curé,
1368 Luxembourg

+352 621 313 139

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