21 May 2021

New Website WatcHour!

After many weeks of work, reflection, photos, we are finally there. The new website is active!

Months of work, photos, energy to find additions and not just a "technical" upgrade, here we are. WatcHour 2.0 is live.

Here we go!


The idea has been germinating for months, wondering what to do, when to do it, how to do it. So many questions that often remain unanswered, or are at the limit of the impossible.

But, after a few months of reflexion, of evolution axis, we finally arrived at our goal. To create the V2 of the WatcHour website.

To do this, we had some great ideas. Contacting two website creation experts, sending them an army of information until they hear a “challenge accepted”. To the tune of Barney Stinson, we come to this:


  • A new, more aesthetically pleasing website, with photos carefully taken by a Luxembourg photographer.
  • Full of additional features. New arrivals in stock, a complete filter system by size, dial, brand, model, price, size etc.
  • Editorial additions. A watchmaking lexicon, a waterproofing guide, a serial number referencing for your Rolex,Omega,Tudor AND Audemars Piguet!”
  • A gazette, for all important news. The biggest personal challenge will be to keep it up to date…



A few months of work, editorial to hurt your fingers, and we are almost there. So yes, the site is probably not perfect, yes it will risk to pass several times under the magnifying glass to be modified, again, and again. But it is better.

But there are improvements;

To this new candle, new page of history, let’s toast to WatcHour!

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