Immortalise your watch

There is certainly nothing better than to freeze in time (you'll note the paradox!) the watch you love the most, and to be able to store it in a place you hold dear.

Just Another Watch

Max S. Photographer in Luxembourg.

We owe a lot to Max, as it is largely thanks to him that we have set up this whole site structure. His photos, his taste for ideas and his shared passion for watchmaking has allowed us to take a large quantity of photos that will gradually feed the site.

It is possible to contact us in order to fix an appointment all together and to take a photograph of your watch, whether it is a watch in stock with us, or a watch that you already have. From there, we will take care of :

  • Take one or more snapshots.
  • Select the one that will suit you best.
  • Give you a digital copy of it.
  • Frame it on canvas, at the size you prefer.

It will then be delivered to the shop where you can pick it up to enjoy it fully and store it.

Making contact

Camille Painting

Camille K. Painter in Moselle and Luxembourg.


Now, for the more aesthetic amongst you, it is also possible to request a painted picture of your timepiece. In surgical precision, your timepiece can be painted on a support so you agree together on the size, a real work of patience, long time, making your watch just as authentic, rare, exceptional, and to your taste.

Part of the collection is already available in the accessory section, but it is also possible to order a custom-made confection.

  • Watchmaking
  • Automotive.
  • Other (contact us).

We were one of the first to have cracked at this crazy work, which we stored in the best places in the shop, made available to attest to this titanic work.

Making contact
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