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“You buy what you see” – Watchour, 2018.

We use a slightly different process than many players in the second-hand market to shoot our photos. In the first instance, we ONLY take photos of watches that we have in stock. The photos are then silk-screened in order to reserve all our rights.

We therefore take an average of 8 to 10 photos (which is 2 to 3 times more than the majority of players in this market) per watch in order to show all the most relevant elements of the watch, namely

Strap upper strand
Strap lower strand
Paper box, if present.

Obviously, these pictures can differ according to our appreciation and according to the watch. Indeed, some watches like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe or Rolex may have more relevant points to highlight.

The photos being of superior quality and taken in a photo salon, the result is of an “almost” surgical precision and requires that the watch be extremely well cleaned, presented and free of defects. Our photos are considered “macro” photography, so there is no room for error. Every single dust, element, appears and is magnified to at least 550%. I therefore rely on your tolerance and understanding that any small element can be visible, and that we are talking about elements that do not exceed even a millimetre in size. In addition, the gloves will inevitably leave a slight deposit.

It is not excluded that a contrary mention appears on the website, in particular for vintage pieces claiming to be left “in their juice”.

Moreover, this time constraint, of photo processing (to fit in web standards) claiming a certain time, makes that we cannot send “more” photos on request. Because the watch can be manipulated in the meantime, it will not be as clean as when it left our watchmakers. Furthermore, we are not in favour of a photo/video taken on the phone, given the poor quality of a smartphone. We strive to be as clear and transparent as possible on each watch to avoid hiding any element that could hinder the smooth running of an acquisition.

The photos are already in HD. Unprocessed in order to avoid any deception. Only the brightness can be varied in order to highlight the above-mentioned points. It is enough to compare the quality of the photo of a watch at the photo shoot and the paper box (present only to justify its presence) taken with a smartphone to become aware of the difference in quality and the level of detail we are trying to obtain.

Unless otherwise stated by us, the watch displayed on the site is available and in stock. However, some pieces can be shot and stored in our secure vaults. They can be presented by appointment only.

Otherwise, we only offer watches that we own, and the watch pictured will ALWAYS be the one you see, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Each piece being different, and especially having “undergone” time, it is not to be excluded that the box and/or paper is missing.

The question that often comes up is “why”?

Very simple, life makes that people can lose them, and that the market evolved in a perfectly unpredictable way. Like many markets (the sneaker market, for example), a neophyte may not care about the original packaging, the parts that came with the watch. In addition, many old watches are pieces that may have been inherited, passed down, and the papers / boxes lost. This inevitably impacts on the value of the final product.

Note that some brands such as AP, Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre offer extracts from the archives… This is not the original paper, but represents a proof of value, and above all the fact that the brand accepts the watch, being neither stolen, nor pledged, nor falsified (even partially).

Generally speaking, every dealer polishes all watches. Constantly. To say otherwise would be a blatant lie. It is impossible to have a watch that is as good as new, unless it can be proven otherwise.

 The polishing process has evolved over the last 40 years, where the customs have unfortunately remained fixed. Nowadays, a polisher is a full time job, requiring absolute and surgical dexterity, where a watchmaker was once a “jack of all trades”.

The tools have evolved, and polishers are constantly undergoing specific training. In order to learn how to polish steel, alloys, chamfers, Royal Oak cases, Nautilus cases, lapidary, etc., they have to be able to work with the same tools. Brushes have changed, we are far from the “grinders” of 30 years ago. Today we talk about “micro” polish.

Some “special” pieces, or simply pieces that have never been polished, are reported as “unpolished” or “never polished”.

No. Not all.

The technological and mechanical push of watchmakers means that movements are increasingly precise, and movements are more robust. New alloys, new glasses, new movements, make movements stronger, more precise, more waterproof. Our watchmakers inspect each movement, but they alone decide whether or not to overhaul it. Furthermore, it should be noted that we guarantee all our watches for a MINIMUM of 1 year, and extended warranties are available.

Yes, they all come with a minimum 1 year warranty from us. Other watches may be guaranteed directly by the manufacturer. Please refer to the product sheet for details.

Unfortunately, this is an all too common question. Despite the advent of counterfeits, fakes, super clones. It is good to note that we are a company and that the resale of counterfeit watches is punished by law. We formally commit ourselves against this practice and that, IF ONE DAY, a counterfeit watch arrives in our stocks, we owe and commit ourselves to reimburse the customer and to take legal action against the person who tried to sell us a counterfeit.

Take into account that human error can happen, of course, but that you are buying from a bona fide, reputable dealer. This merchant is your reference and is there to intervene and especially to assist you in the event of a dispute.

No. This document that many dealers provide has no value because it is based on several points. The watch, the movement, and several other factors. Only a manufacturer has the ability to provide you with a document from their own house, with 100% verified authenticity.

However, we do state on the invoice that we are committed to the authenticity of the product, particularly in response to the previous question. We take this very seriously, to ensure the full satisfaction of the final purchaser of a watch and above all to be there for any possible hiccups, if there are any.

Please note that it is possible to carry out a thorough appraisal in-house, which can be used as an updated paper to hand over to your insurance company.

We commit ourselves to send the watch within 48 hours after receipt of the payment, unless otherwise specified by us. We avoid shipping the watches on weekends to avoid the package staying in the carrier’s warehouse all weekend.

The parcel is secured as much as possible, in order to avoid any misplaced curiosity, with a tracking number shared by email without any intermediary (you will therefore receive the tracking directly from the carrier). We send a parcel with a signature request, in order not to leave the parcel with a neighbour or at the door. This is more expensive, but more secure.

We work exclusively with two carriers, depending on the weight, size and, above all, the value of the package. Firstly out of trust, secondly out of security.

We try to take as many precautions as possible in order to deliver a parcel as quickly as possible in person, and thus avoid any unpleasant surprises.

All parcels shipped within Europe are free of charges, customs fees, or additional billing. Once we receive your payment, you will not have to pay anything more.

All packages shipped OUTSIDE Europe may be subject to taxes. Please refer to your country of destination for information. It is however possible for us to ship to relay points near certain countries to avoid customs fees, such as Switzerland, for example.

Contrary to some merchants, when we ship outside Europe, we do not falsify the invoices in order to put “false” prices, or prices reduced to pay less tax. As the packages are insured, we do not take the risk, and even less the responsibility of this practice.

It is possible for us to ship elsewhere, if you are on holiday, at the request of the customer. (Hotel, second home).

To all Luxembourg customers, we deliver after payment everywhere in Luxembourg, by hand. Whether it is to your home, place of business, as well as the whole of Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Or you can come by during our opening hours, of course.

On the Internet, we only accept bank transfers. Any watch shipped will be sold out beforehand.

In shop, we accept bank transfers, credit cards (VPay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), and cash, in accordance with the laws in force in Luxembourg. We do not accept cheques, bank cheques, crypto, or any other derivative.

We are also active on Chrono24. A sample of the stock is visible on it. If you do not feel comfortable ordering “direct”, you can use Chrono24 as an intermediary. 

We are active on Instagram as well as on Facebook. Our daily posts arrive on all platforms.

We do not wish to set up a shopping cart. For several reasons:

We do not want to create a shopping site. The site is there as a showcase, and we do not buy such goods without prior preparation. A quick purchase results in a shipment, a possibility of “return” too important, and by force of things, of dangerous/hot situations. We want to take the time to advise every customer who wants to buy a watch. We want to take the time to advise each customer who wants to buy a watch, to advise them and to make sure that the watch they are going to buy is the one they really want.
We would have to redesign the site differently, and that would go against our beliefs.
Being able to pay online could block a watch, or, on the contrary, let it appear on the site and let the system accept several instalments, which would easily lead to a painful situation.
The site will remain as it is for the time being. Aesthetic, with a possible contact by message. Namely, we also have Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and points of sale.

In view of the increasing number of stolen, falsified and cloned watches, we have decided not to quantify a watch by photo, verbally, without physical presentation of the watch. We do not wish to propose a “tempting” price to move you, and have you like us, a bad surprise.

A price will be fixed on simple presentation of the watch at the point of sale.

To follow up on the previous point. We have left the selling part. Indeed, we invite you to contact us if you wish to sell your piece. Do not hesitate to leave some information in order to see the piece, and if you wish it, to give us a coherent order of price to which you would wish to sell it. If this is acceptable, we will invite you to come to the shop to finalise the sale.

As noted above, we will not be able to give you a concrete or approximate price without presentation of the watch.

You can always send the watch to us if you are unable to attend.

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