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The second hand watch market has evolved enormously over the last 15 years with, to date, hundreds of active dealers in Europe alone. The Internet, easy international shipping and the common currency of the Euro have transformed this local market into a global one. In the multitude of offers, it is sometimes difficult to find one's way around, even for experienced people.

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Find the vintage timeless

Having a vintage watch on your wrist is also wearing a piece of history.
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Rolex, five letters, one story.

Rolex is a philosophy, a tireless quest for excellence. From the most chic to the most sporty, every watch lover will appreciate the know-how and the history of the great crown.

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Audemars Piguet

A steel case, an octagonal bezel, a tapestry dial. The great codes of the Royal Oak since 1972. Audemars Piguet, Gerald Genta, a whole history that is not limited to this modern icon image!

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Watchmaking workshop

In order to maintain an exceptional quality of service, we owe the quality of our watches to our teams of watchmakers with whom we have been working hand in hand for years. Find out more about these men in lab coats who contribute to the health of our timepieces!



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