Watchour, the conceptstore

Dear timepiece lovers,


The second-hand watch market has evolved enormously over the past 15 years with hundreds of active dealers only in Europe. The Internet, the facilitated international shipments and the common euro currency have transformed this local market into a global one. In the multitude of offers, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around even for experienced people.


It seems obvious to me that before considering acquiring a new watch or selling one, the most important thing is to know who you are dealing with. For those who would not know me, presentations are required.

Having left the Phocaean city (Marseille) to pursue higher studies in marketing and management, passionate since my earliest childhood by watches, I was able, thanks to a pioneer and giant of the second-hand watch market, to discover the market surrounding the world of new and second-hand watches. Thanks to these 4 years of experience, both in sales and purchasing, I have been able to meet many players in this market and this allows me, today, to launch my own activity and welcome you to my site.


Since my launch, I have taken advantage of this liberty to travel the globe in search of exceptional, new and second-hand watches, of all price ranges and of all brands, known or less known, but which both have two points in common: an impeccable condition and a reasonable and reasoned price.


Everywhere… Or at least wherever watches are !


My headquarters are located in Strassen (Luxembourg) on a main road, the Route d’Arlon. Easily accessible and with parking places at your disposal, I am already looking forward to welcoming you into my office.


I also go once a week to Paris, where I can meet you on appointment to discuss your future purchases, sales or exchanges of watches and to advise you by giving you my professional and independent advice.


After 4 years spent in various traditional shops in Luxembourg and Paris, I decided to opt for a more intimate, free and competitive concept.


To satisfy these three points, I decided to launch myself and the WatcHour concept was born!


More intimate: The advantage is to welcome customers in a more adapted, more discrete and more secured environment. This allows us to focus on providing you with an optimal, personalised service and to respond more individually to your expectations. In addition, the watches are less manipulated due to this limited flow, and less subject to some form of deterioration.

Freer: Exit the time slots. We are in a market where responsiveness is essential. And having to stick to a time slot is very often not appropriate. That’s why I preferred to focus on an office to be mobile and available while having a well-established storefront. Whether at your workplace, during your trips or even at special times (Sunday, early morning or late evening), I will be happy to welcome you by appointment at the time and place that suits you best. This flexibility will allow both you and I to take the time to enjoy an exchange under optimal conditions. Acquiring a new watch or selling one or both at the same time is supposed to be a pleasant experience and not an obligation in the “rush”.


More competitive: The “win-win” situation. The absence of a shop in the city centre, often linked to a limited surface area, “administration” time schedules, a lack of privacy and significant inherent costs, allows me to carry out the transaction (buy-sell-exchange) at a more competitive price, in a more discrete and pleasant setting, and all this at your best convenience.


What you see is what you buy.


Website: All the watches visible on the WatcHour website are available and in stock as soon as they are published. They are photographed by me and they are not retouched. We strive to be as transparent and relevant as possible for the content of the description, and I remain available for any missing or additional information.


Social networks: We are active on Instagram (@watchourluxembourg), Facebook (Watchourluxembourg) and Twitter (watchourl). All the published watches are available and for sale, unless otherwise indicated. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.


Before being made available, all products are strictly checked and sent to our watchmakers to ensure their functionality and meet optimal standards of use.


If you are looking for a specific watch, do not hesitate to contact us. Our mobility and our contacts at our disposal often allow us to find the best pieces at attractive prices and in line with the current market.


I am also available for any appointment, mainly in Luxembourg but also in Paris, Brussels, …


I make a point of honour to satisfy your needs. In order to ensure that you and your timepiece do not leave each other, we make the commitment to refund any purchase that is defective or does not correspond to your order.


In addition, in accordance with European law, if you have purchased a product online, you have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without having to justify it. (See Terms and Condition)


WatcHour delivers your new purchase within 48 hours of receipt and validation of payment.


Delivery can be made in different ways, either personally, in Luxembourg, Paris or Brussels, or by express delivery in secure, insured parcels accompanied by a tracking number.


All our watches are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. We also offer an extended warranty (for an additional year) if you requested. Of course, authenticity is guaranteed for life!


The guarantee covers both parts and labour, in the context of a “due diligence” use. (See Terms and Conditions).


In addition, WatcHour formally commits itself against counterfeiting and undertakes to certify the authenticity of its collection. Our watchmakers are also present to prevent any defects/counterfeiting. All our watches are also checked and guaranteed not stolen. We work with the world’s largest database of stolen watches to avoid participating in this scourge.


I am of course at your disposal for any question, any information, or any special request and would be happy to find you the watch that suits you best.